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The term nation is taken from the original word “nation”. It is to be understood in the same context as nation-building commonly talked about by Huntington or Fukuyama at Washington University.

Today many people are confused about the terms Politics and Government. They confuse the public that politics and government are two similar isms. They confuse the people that politics must dominate the government. Supposedly there is no separation of Politics and Government. This is not a university lecture.

The question is what is politics and what is government?

Let’s review this situation by referring to the 2018 general elections. After PRU14, many people forgot that no single party had secured a simple majority to form the government on their own. Many parties had large number of seats. There was NO clear majority among any political party or coalitions of political parties.

As a result, the government does not have a fully minister for about three months who had a solid foundation because negotiations for a formal coalition between BERSATU, PKR, DAP, and Amanah parties. The cabinet Pakatan Harapan (PH) was only officially formed later.

When Tun Dr Mahathir became the Prime Minister for the second time, he tried to revive the economy using the old modus operandi of establishing a Government Advisory Council. The NEAC resumed relations with Japan hoping for some help from the latter. Unfortunately, Japan now is not the Japan it used to be.

To cut a long story short, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin took over the administration as Prime Minister after the Sheraton Move. The country and the government remain stable, and there was no chaos because the country’s political fundamentals were strong. It is unfortunate for TSMY to inherit the Covid-19 pandemic, severely affecting its economy and perhaps costing him the prime ministership.

In August 2021, the country’s politics heated up again and TSMY was forced to step down due to the withdrawal of support from a handful of UMNO parliamentarians. However, the government remained safe and functional, nonetheless.

In the last four years since the 2018 general election, the position of prime minister has changed three times. However, Nation and Government remain stable, indicating that the nation’s our political and economic fundamentals are strong.


On the night before Ismail Sabri was appointed prime minister, many do not know. Meetings after meetings were held within 48 hours to get consensus from UMNO, BERSATU, PAS, and some commitment from DAP, PKR, and Amanah.

Not agreement to govern the country, but agreement to agree to many things for the nation’s sake, such as agreeing to the 12MP, Budget 2022, etc.

In a short time, Ismail Sabri managed to calm the people on significant issues such as rising cost of living, EPF production, post-Covid-19, and most importantly, managed to steer the government through the successful presentation of the 12th Malaysia Plan (RMK12) and Budget 2022 with the support of more than 2 /3 in the House of Representatives.

Ismail Sabri’s assistance to the flood victims is extraordinary even though he has only been in power for four months. Many media reports on this can still be accessed from many online portals.

Ismail Sabri gave the highest bonus to civil servants in more than ten years. In fact, for many years, Cuepacs appealed the GCR issue. Ismail Sabri agreed to this without any conditions.

This what Ismail Sabri has accomplished is rather unusual. Even the previous Prime Ministers who ruled for many years could not achieve that Ismail Sabri could although they had that success despite having enjoyed a 2/3 majority. They failed to get the opposition parties support them where, Ismail Sabri succeeded.

The next question is whether Ismail Sabri should ascent to UMNO presidency as he is now the Prime Minister. The answer is essential. It is a traditional UMNO has practiced all along. The Prime Minister should be given UMNO presidency like all his predecessors.

However, there are some people who asked why is Zahid Hamidi the UMNO President not made the Prime Minister? The answer is that even 18 year old voters can answer. With dozens of allegations not yet disposed by the court could only bring damage to the good name of the country and especially the future of UMNO and the party’s chances in PRU15.

UMNO and BN must think wisely. Now UMNO/BN has a big chance to rule with a high probability of getting more than 2/3 majority if Ismail Sabri is the Prime Minister and at the same time President of UMNO.

Look at the recent PRN Melaka, only a few posters of the Keluarga Malaysia (Malaysian Family) with a picture of Ismail Sabri, UMNO/BN, managed to get more than 2/3 majority.

Don’t say the boy poster has no effect; look at “Abah’s posters” that failed to attract Melaka voters. TSMY exemplifies a gentleman politician. Despite losing, TSMY congratulated UMNO/BN, and the Federal Government remained undisturbed. Melaka was won by UMNO during Ismail Sabri’s watch as prime minister from UMNO. That is a significant factor to ponder by UMNO members.

TSMY understands politics is politics, Government is Government. The government must be stable, that is, the nation.

I saw Ismail Sabri as a man and leader with an aura. Don’t waste this opportunity. He has great potential. He appears clean compared to many. He does not have any baggage’s so far compared to many whom need not be mentioned.

On the other hand, Ismail Sabri did not ask to be Prime Minister and never even talked about wanting to be the President of UMNO. Still, the guidance from Allah SWT has shown him to be a suitable leader among many and a right one to lead the country out of its present predicaments.

My suggestion is to allow Ismail Sabri to lead PRU15 as Prime Minister and President of UMNO. He could not be doing any worst than previous Prime Ministers and UMNO presidents.

Dr. Zach





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