Harga kereta akan naik 15-25% selepas Tahun Baru Cina?

Ini berkaitan rancangan kerajaan untuk mengenakan lebih banyak cukai ke atas jualan kenderaan.
Tahniah penyokong PH.

Car prices to go up by 15 to 25 percent after Chinese New Year.

Earlier this week, The Star published an article “Locally assembled cars may cost more.” The article claims that prices of locally-assembled (CKD) cars will cost more due to potential restructuring in tax structures.

Yes, the claim mentioned by the English daily is true. WapCar’s own sources within the automotive industry have also confirmed the claim.

The reason behind the increase in prices is due to two factors: Withdrawal of EEV incentives and changes in Open Market Value (OMV) calculation – essentially the cost price of the car, the base value on which taxes are applied to.

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